Mission Statement:

     It’s our mission as Citizens in society to form bonds together as it pertains to ensuring that our loved ones who are currently or previously incarcerated have support. We wish to be actively involved in the process of their rehabilitation, reentry’s, and ongoing projects to give them opportunities to do good deeds from the inside out to the Society they will return to.

   Purpose Statement:

       It’s the purpose of this Group to meet regularly and seek methods in enhancing the development of our Incarcerated Families & Friends. The mass incarceration of Americans has left us in need of ensuring that these human beings are being given access to fully operational Programs that Treat the Mental, Emotional and Social Illness’s that lay dormant inside Prisoners. Our purpose is to establish committees of volunteers for the think tanks required to be effective in the following:

1. Support Each Other… as loved ones who want to help Prisoners We Care About, but don’t know how.

2. Help Prisoners Rehabilitation Efforts… as loved ones who wish to see Prisoners We Care About use their sentences to become a more responsible, mature, and intelligent person as they prepare for return to society. We look to research the best known methods of psychology, spirituality, sociological study, and personal development programs to ensure that we as Families & Friends leave a impression of our expectations for the incarcerated Women and Men.

3. Draw From Maturing Prisoners To Help Those Heading Down The Wrong Path… as loved ones who want to utilize the voices of Prisoners We Care About in a systematic design for the many Youth who have people they know in prison…and can be stopped from going the wrong way by the messages and outpouring of Love from behind the walls.

4. Create Sub-Committees That Will Learn How To Translate Effective Methods Of Rehabilitation To Prison Admin., Governor, State & Federal Officials, etc…. as loved ones who want to help Officiating Bodies be better at making long lasting impacts on the lives of Prisoners We Care About.

5. Set The Stage For Appropriate Reconciliation Processes… as the loved ones of “Prisoners, We Care About” it’s our hope to see that victims and their families have an opportunity to communicate how they have been detrimentally effected by crimes committed, an we also would love to have “Prisoners, We Care About” involved in Community Events to show remorse through apology.

6. Expand Awareness Of Prisoners Human Rights & Fight For A Stop In Active Building Of The Prison Industrial Complex and Mass Incarceration… as loved ones of “Prisoners, We Care About” it is our duty to educate ourselves and others to the rights our loved ones have and don’t have…furthermore, its our duty to better understand how and why Mass Incarceration leads to our Tax Dollars, Voted In & Appointed Officials, Prison Labor & Commissary Access Funds is being used on warehousing rather than Treating The Mental, Emotional and Social Illness that led to the acts by our loved ones.

7. Building Book Clubs & Video Referral Groups… as the loved ones of “Prisoners, We Care About” we look forward to establishing a ‘must read’ list of books that further break down the Prison Industrial Complex and the link to how it’s leaving our loved ones without proper access to programs leading to rehabilitative programs, reconciliation programs, child-support opportunities, restitution capabilities, early release referrals, prison-to-society projects, etc.
We also strive through this initiative to build a educational basis from which we can qualify as knowledgeable citizens in the reform and abolition of old and outdated methods of our current State D.O.C.’s & Federal Penitentiary Systems.

8. Become United & Involved With Knowing Political Parties Who Are Willing And Able To Help Push Bill’s On Behalf Of Our Interest… as the loved ones of “Prisoners, We Care About” our new questions about the visions of current and running Official Bodies shall be in light of also researching the deeds that these officials have done in the past for the Tax Paying families of the incarcerated. We also look to gaining ideas from our fellowship on Proposals for Bill’s to be placed before the legislative session on state and federal levels.

9. Become Familiar With Prices Of Commissary Goods & (Privatized) Quarterly Clothing/Food Items Packages, Along With Charges For Email/Telephone, Medical, Discipline, M.O.R.E. Devices & Funeral Service Transportation… as loved ones of “Prisoners, We Care About” the time has come to take careful viewings of the systems ability to overcharge us for the items our loved ones need and use to sustain them for the lack of what facilities have taken away or no longer provide. We’ve also realized how important it is for us to collectively compare the cost of services for certain things that may be cut down if institutions realized that the majority of the double and triple cost increasing is effecting the Tax Payers and Voters here in society, an not those who are imprisoned.

10. Use Our Collective Knowledge To Unite With Those Who Desire A Strategy Seeking Group For “The Best Ways To Lower Recidivism & Criminal Activity Through Treatment of the Mental, Emotional and Social Illnesses During Incarnation”… as the loved ones of “Prisoners, We Care About” it is fully understood that our duty to the society we live in and the lives of those who has a history of criminal activity is to build a Strategy Session on a ongoing basis for the establishing of ideas, projects and participation in cost effective methods for treating and the stabilization of our criminal community.


   The following is a comprehensive layout of this Program, giving you our basic foundational principles. Throughout this 12 Session program you will have much information and networking sources made available to you, we ask that you take very serious each and every session. Since we are in a Conference Line or Blog talk setting it is highly recommended that you always have pen & paper at hand.

   What we suggest is that you take careful notes of this entire format, internalize the given knowledge, and be prepared for the upcoming opportunities to give to others what is being shared freely with you. Our goal is to thoroughly train and inform you so that this can lead to you having a full grasping understanding of the plights our Incarcerated People are faced with along with them knowing how to best relay ways our society can help them to become more positive and productive during and after Incarceration.

*Facilitator Notes*
Each week on Saturday we shall deliver a Call-In Radio Show to create a method of open dialogue around the weekly P.W.C.A. Agenda. Following the Broadcast will be a Conference call to give P.W.C.A. the off air opportunity to ask open questions, learn of other members, gain access to the Central Hub, give updates on State or Local Chapter meetings, etc.

***12 Week Agenda***

Week 1.
Introduction of P.W.C.A., giving a full layout of this program and the mission statement. Then explore the following…
1) Prison Industrial Complex
2) 13th Amendment
3) School 2 Prison Pipeline
4) Reference Books, Videos, & Websites
(Week 1 is meant to offer all participants the basis of our information, leaving them thoroughly convinced that we know what it is that leads to the problems our people face.)

Week 2.
The Citizen’s responsibility for holding the Representative, Legislature, Governor, & other Elected Officials accountable for helping (human inmates), those whom has been deemed as misfits due to mental, social, emotional and other damages falls upon who…(voters, tax payers, etc.)
(Week 2 is meant to deliver a strong identification for each person to see how we are the only people Qualified To Hold The Official ACCOUNTABLE! Our being citizens of this country, tax payers, voters, home-car owners, etc. gives us the only right we need to distinguish ourselves as the torch bearer of Ensuring that Prisoners Rights are being thoroughly exercised and modified for the better development of their lives as it pertains to human dignity and preparing for reentering this society.)

Week 3.
Are we as citizens conscious of the many who already have existing programs and movements designed for holding those accountable who use “Enactment of Law” processes and current norms to take advantage of Prisoners and the System for which has become a cash cow?
(Week 3 is meant to Unite the people gathered here with information and access to those who has been working in the fields of Prison Reform, Abolition, Prison-Building Prevention, Whistle Blower, Stop Prison Labor Privatisation, and many other Prison Interest Groups and Campaigns.)

Week 4.
Delivery of the 6 Steps to P.E.A.C.E., as a main method in how to become a open channel, which flows P.W.C.A. to all who care to know what we have to offer and how they may be involved is a must!
(Week 4 is meant to teach all participants the breakdown of our 6 Step program, that’s designed to give you the guidelines for making P.W.C.A. a tool for the betterment of our overall society, and placing all informed participants at the forefront of this project in their local area and afar.)

Week 5.
The P.W.C.A. Committee members and supporters must have direct connection with a Prisoner (exprisoners) or a Prisoners Family Member in most cases, in which case we’re asking for the Prisoners themselves to use their experience inside and the time they have to litigate, research, write proposed bills, and build legal minds to assist us with the best possible targets to focus our collected energy and resources upon.
(Week 5 is meant to encourage us to form bonds with Prisoners in such a way that allows them to see our expectations for their advise, research findings, legal knowledge, and coordinating of the ways for them to use this time to become better mentors, teachers, spiritual guides, and examples for the younger prison population.)

Week 6.
What Can We The People Do To Hold Prisoners Accountable for living up to a better standard of living, according to the needs of addressing the illnesses that most likely led to the committed criminal behavior? Or for remaining focused on Addressing One’s Oversentencing, Wrongful Convictions, or Innocence?
(Week 6 is meant to train us in ways of utilizing Accountability Tactic to see to it that Prisoners are busy using their Sentences appropriately for Therapeutic Values, Release Preparation, Knowing Thyself, Sentence Reduction, Self-help Behavior Modification, Judicial Review, etc.)

Week 7.
Each State must know it’s individual Prison Officiating Body…from the Governor, to the Commissioner, to the Department Of Corrections Divisional Directors, to the D.O.C. Regional Directors, to the Prison Wardens, to the Staff Members who hold Ass. Wardenship and Chaplain, Counselors, & Shift Supervisor.
(Week 7 is meant to educate you on the State and Federal Prison Official Titles, Duties, and how to locate them through websites and calling local information centers to get address and phone number of those who can act as directory.)

Week 8.
Each state must know it’s Judicial System on the level of County, State, and Federal. Prisoners must be informed of the Judicial System where they are being imprisoned, and where they were convicted. Understanding The Judicial System and how it works gives each Prisoner & P.W.C.A. Member the knowledge needed to communicate with one of the greatest sources for allowing our grievance to be known…by Law!
(Week 8 is meant to pinpoint exactly how the judicial system works, an then help each person know the importance of finding out about the Judicial System that our Prisoners got sentenced in an is currently being housed in so as to encourage the correspondence to these levels of public servants during this incarceration process…
We never know what door this level of request or letter submitting can lead to.)

Week 9.
Each State must know the Process of “Self-Help Recovery and Rehabilitation of Criminal Lifestyle Habits”. Families and Friends of Prisoners need knowledge of books, support groups, and methods of learning about Changes that must take place mentally for the Prisoners to gain access to a new mentality.
(Week 9 is meant to educate loved ones of the programs and books that they can send to the Prisoners who are ready to take the necessary steps to create alternative lifestyle, social and mental changes before reentry into society.)

Week 10.
Each state must be fully aware of as many Support Systems, Organizations, and Advocacy Groups that can found. It is vital to the further establishing of each Group that we all be knowledge of where our help and guidance can come from…and if they lack the ability to assist us then we are still stronger by knowing the skills that these people are supposed to be providing, thus building such on our own!
(Week 10 is meant to equip P.W.C.A. Members with different Groups and what they was built to provide the society and prisoners alike, so that we can have a Just System and also a means of assistance to those who are truly striving to be a asset to the community again.)

Week 11.
Each state and member has to take time to document each and every single act that’s made on behalf of the P.W.C.A. as well as the Prisoners in general. The records keeping, certified copies, portfolio building, and following up schedule is one of the most vital steps continually done to improve the efforts to help P.W.C.A.!!!
(Week 11 is meant to explain the importance of “The Paper Trail” and establishing a Portfolio. Explaining why and how this line of commitment is necessary to any group that’s willing to go beyond one single and simple act of kindness to the ladies and gentlemen behind the walls.)

Week 12.
Lastly, each state must take into account the need to further one’s own Education in the fields that are being journeyed across. One’s must have education in law to some degree to be taken seriously when confronting government, legislation, judicial system, etc. One’s must eventually have those in the groups who have studied Psychology, Sociology, and Criminology if we are to be taken seriously when in the fight to demand Programs centered around the inmates Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT, leaving them incapable of making decisions as a Mature & Responsible Adult.
(Week 12 is meant to thoroughly look back over the missions this journey is calling us to go upon and see the needs that lay ahead of us as it concerns our needs for cultivated minds and Groups.)


Prisoner’s have a fundamental constitutional right to adequate, effective and meaningful access to the courts to assert their constitutional rights. see, Bounds v. Smith, 430 U.S. 817 (1977).
While it’s recognized that many prisoner’s are ignorant to the law, ignorance of the law is no excuse.  P.O.P.S. Movement encourages all prisoners to familiarize themselves with the procedures to access the law library. You should understand the U.S. and your State Constitution, the relevant statute(s) which you were alleged of violating, rules of procedure that pertain to the appropriate court of jurisdiction, and scholarly discussion on specific subjects of law such as legal treatises and law reviews.
You should understand the various writs that can be obtained and their usages. For example, Petition For Post-Conviction Relief, Writ of Certiorari(State and Federal), Petition For Habeas Corpus Relief(State and Federal), Writ of Error Coram Nobis, Motions To Correct Clerical Errors and Illegal Sentences, etc..
Also, each inmate should review the policy and procedure in place at their respective institution, and should learn how to effectively write an administrative grievance.


1.) Don’t like a State law and think it should be changed? Learn how to draft a proposed bill, see, Bill Drafting Manuals on www.ncsl.org.
2.) Start a petition to draw support for a bill or to support a particular cause, see, How To Write A Petition on www.wikihow.com.
3.) Have your family and/or friends to organize a town hall, see, How To Organize An Issue Forum on www.aauw.org.
4.) Engage in politics by urging family and/or friends to organize a voting registration drive, see, How To Organize A Voter Registration Drive on www.wikihow.com.
5.) Advocate for better conditions and/or programs, see, How To Write A Proposal on www.wikihow.com.
6.) Need public records, Google search your State’s open records/freedom of information law.
7.) Have your family and/or friends familiarize themselves with certain government websites.

Again, this is a brief overview of ways that you can become involved in exercising your legal and political rights. Remember, “No One Is Defeated Until Defeat Has Been Accepted As A Reality!!!”

                 …in Love & Service