Mentoring P.E.A.C.E.

Mentoring P.E.A.C.E.

STEP 1- Form A Bond…


With youth based on the foundation of Believing In Them! Our youth want to be heard, especially as to why they’ve chosen the “lifestyle” of the streets. But they also are aware of there being a better way. In step 1 we simply bring a collected group together for a round table discussion. We can meet at a church, park, or any place that is familiar to the youth. They feel free to openly express themselves in groups of a positive structure setting.
But when initiatives begin it is important to expect for fears to arise and a pull to go back to what they are used to…so please keep Forming A Bond in the circle and outside the circle. 1 on 1’s have proven to be the true foundation of each youth working the Examples set forth for the overall group after their one on one mentor has encouraged them as well as left room to allow the youth to know he must prove himself through resisting the temptation to go back to the streets.
Youth love “Challenges” that provoke their ability to become creative in placing their own signature or print on the group so remember the power of allowing the youth themselves to come up with GOALS that they themselves wish to reach and help the Group and their Family with in reaching this GOAL.

STEP 2- Identify The Problem…


As we set out to reach the community with our offering of Mentorship. Our duty in step 2 is to help youth see and feel comfortable admitting that the “hood mentality” is an enemy to the Dreams and Goals each of these young people need to set their sights upon fulfilling their Purpose in Life. The “hood mentality” is what feeds our youth when they lack peers who are strong enough to resist the need to indulge in what others are. in this Step the Mentors are most valuable when we provoke the youth to “identify the people, places, & things or situations” that prevents them from following the dreams that lead to seeing themselves as a asset to their own life and that of Family as well as the Community that needs them. If we challenge them to answer the call for identifying the problem then we set the stages for a easier process into them realizing that the Solution lay within them as well.
Step 2 is for us too, in the since that we must ask ourselves…”what is the people,places,things & situations that could lead to us not being committed to these young lives to the dear end. We must know the same enemy will bring personal issues into our lives that “can give us excuses to give up or feel this isn’t working”…so it is truly our obligation to be in this for the Long Haul with the youth, or face hurting them even more than most because they thought they have finally found a few Good Men.
The problem with the overall system in the lives of our poverty stricken areas is the accepted lies that we are not valuable or effective if we lack funding or money. Lie. This process is about commitment and constant communication lines. We have the richest methods of accomplishing this mission through recognizing the Spirit in each other and the Love that can enable us to Understand rather than be understood.
We can overcome D.E.N.I.A.L. of the problems that arise as long as we stay Honest and Always Ask Ourselves The Question when facing personality problems…”Where is God in this”? An by the way, D.E.N.I.A.L. is Don’t Even Notice I Am Lying.

STEP 3- Express The Importance of Unity…


In such a way that opens the dialogue and allows a better Bond to be Formed. We truly are wise to remember that this is “The Step of Expression” for a reason. If we are to have the youth trust us and walk into the Solutions then it is usually going to be solidified in this step.
Many of our youth are dealing with doubts and using defense mechanisms when it comes to older people. This is to be expected and we must remember what it was like to have so many people let us down or leave us after a while. This is not the time of promises being made…but it is a time to relate to the facts of life that been experienced and to strive for the belief that we can become goal setters who will do our best to live up to the structure of the 6 Steps in the walk with our youth.
A special need in this Step is the Fact Brought Out that “Unity Is Our Greatest Asset and Continual Goal”! Nothing can be fully executed by oneself in this program. We are here for the further maturing of yourself and these Youth so it is a Family type expression that require Communication and Dedication.
May the Love & Service provider know this is the Step of Expression.

Step 4- Get into The Solution…


We strive to empower the youth to see that they are The Solutions!!! We do this through the encouragement to recognize the needs of others who are in the same communities and begin to learn ways of being the friend who wants to believe in them. Our youth gains strength from you and I. It is our duty to help them so that they may help others.
Our Community is in need of counselors, motivation speakers, skill training, examples of Hope, and Love Unconditional. If we give these to our youth and they embrace the offering then we simply request for them to give this spirit of Love to others without wanting a thing in return, except for others to then pass it on again. The best gift we can provide is the assistance to help our youth learn to seek the dreams that their heart desires and a belief in fulfilling such. We strive to ensure that the youth see how their dreams should become beneficial to the Community at some point… We hope to provide the outlook that incorporate their dreams into a movement that will make the community closer to becoming the place they wished it had been when they was younger. Have Faith in them and they will learn to live up to the belief we have if we all stay on track.
Many of the Solutions to the problem lay in our BELIEF SYSTEMS and so we strongly recommend that the teaching of POSITIVE SELFTALK becomes available to all who are associated with the Movements. We will speak to others what we tell ourselves and believe. Keep in mind the power of speaking blessings into existence. Loving ourselves lead to loving another. Please notify the youth of how VALUABLE THEY ARE TO THE COMMUNITY AND IT’S BETTERMENT.
Placing the opportunity for setting small Goals and then Longterm Goals is vital in the development of the youth’s belief in themselves… But this also require us to be prepared to aid them along the way as small stumbling blocks may be encountered. Your help will teach them to turn those stumbling blocks into stepping stones if their attitude is good and they view each step as a Learning Experience.
It is our duty to find task in the community that will prove they can work together and raise the value and standard of the community in each task. They are so smart and strong, and it is time for them to challenge themselves to be an Angel to another person…expecting nothing in return. If they understand how these acts can give them purpose in life and advance them from focusing so much on their individual failing then you have been an Angel to and for them as well…in Love & Service

Step 5- Build A Strategy…


We now have come a long ways in practices of empowering the youth, and now we must take notes of what has been helpful and what hasn’t. This is the point in the Steps that we form a Think Tank with Youth and Mentors.
The reason for this round table discussion and note taking process is so that we can begin setting the stage for this to be even more effective. There will be many who can use our techniques in the future and it is time to write out the process that we have seen worked out. Each person who is willing is needed for elaborating on the way this has been helpful to them. A Journal is suggested to be given to the Youth and Elders at this point so that they may always have with them the opportunity to write on this message. We are the Program, each of us! An we all hold the keys to unlocking many doors for future participants to come. They need a map to follow… but the only way to have this map is if we take it serious enough to form these Strategy Sessions, Think Tanks, and Journal!!!
We can also do this through utube clips and voice recording the message of what has worked and examples of such activities or the methods of encouragement and empowerment. We have to be creative and make it interesting to the whole circle so there is no one way…imagination is valuable.
Building a Strategy is the way of seeking how the Adults are able to sustain the sad times of some dropping out or having to leave. Many do not realize that we need each other to maintain the Much Needed Spirit to stay in this for the Children too. We must conference with one another often to see to it that we are inspired along the way as well.
Please note that strategy is for thinking of the overall picture and setting to the side information that will help us and hurt.

Step 6- Take Responsibility…


We have all learned an enormous amount from the Acts Of Love & Service, now we request for each adult and youth to see how this experience has been a blessing to our life personally. We do so personally for one reason…to seek the love we have received and find out if it is in us to want for others what has been delivered unto ourselves. We keep what we have by making this Love & Method of Service available to others.
Some of us enjoyed helping to organize, while others loved the preparing stages before the events. Many loved to perform the hardest tasks, while some liked to speak and help out with uplifting words and advice. But whatever has been a special series of accepted responsibilities, we hope you will take note of these for the purpose of becoming a guide for others to learn with and from. This is the Step of taking the Responsibility to train another to be able to keep the functions of this Group being done out of Love so that we can keep the Momentum Going strong for a very long time.
For too long our community has experienced movements come in for a while….help a few people….and then it just pizzles out. We are not going to let that be our fate! P.E.A.C.E. is Preparing Everyone As Change Evolves…and it is our standard of Love and Service to prepare many to take on our understanding so that the Movement and Family will forever be a tool to Heal the hurts of our People! Some may get a good time with us and carry on with life, and there is nothing bad about that because in helping them we were helped to be an Angel for that period, thus helping ourselves in the process… But please take not for granted the opportunity to carry this further and to more who needed this Family, just like many of us. Nothing is so strong to where it can’t be penetrated by Love so we shall reach each and every tough community and person that we can if we just keep on giving freely of the Love that brought us together as 1 in the beginning.
You are only Responsible for your actions and willingness… But that also speaks volumes when it comes to leading by example in a way that brings others to want to help and see the mission through beside you.
I Love you all and look forward to the lives of many young and old helped by our collective eff

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