Pics From The Gathering of Love & Service (Chicago)

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  1. Charles Spencer Jr.

    Seeing things clearly requires a proper understanding of what it is you are looking at. Only looking at what the eyes see leaves you missing the Total Truth of what it is you are seeing. Right now Brothers and Sisters within Poverty Stricken America are coming together from across the Country and Properly dealing with the problems that have created by influences outside but acted out by members inside our community. These Men and Women reflect the Best of what we as Black People have historically represented as a people. The Love Respect Discipline Diplomacy Wisdom Knowledge and Realness these Men and Women reflect is purposely called thug or gangster by the media and society so we as a community don’t see ourselves in the True Light of who and what we are but identify ourselves with the niggardly definition the society tries to place on us. But as these Men and Women continue to just be the Truth of who they are, those in the Streets are seeing a real reflection of what it means to be a Black Woman and Black Man and getting a Proper Clear understanding of ourselves and the society we are living in. There are many good qualities in all parts of our community regardless of economic or educational levels but in order to see ourselves heal we must remove the arrogance put in us by the media and its false definition as it glorifies what we are not and humbly recognize the Truth that we really are. “Real People are doing Real Things” and people who see “the media image of how we are” are doing ‘real things’ but when we pay attention to the Real People doing Real Things those doing real things to disrupt our community begin to see the Truth and change and become a part of the Solution. Keep Being the Truth of who We all can be it’s changing things…….Peace and Blessings Love and Service….C…

  2. Lamont L. HALL

    TRELL G 621L Certified AREA ONE Milwaukee Wisconsin Congrats to all who participated in all righteous endeavours L’zzz up


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