Love N Service Gathering (Chicago)



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The Event for the Street Organizers is locked in! Let us bring the Spirit of Togetherness to the #REAL #FRONTLINES…in Love & Service


Sunday, January 17, 2016
3501 S.King Dr. (35th & King Dr.)
All Organizers and Participants arrive.
Minister Kay G Wilson will pray and prepare to lead the March for Healing & P.E.A.C.E. in honor of our Ancestors. (Begin March at 1:30 Sharp)
Entering into The Bronzeville Community Center for Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Pastries, & Bottled Water and taking our seats. (Served by Fight For Our Families Keith Cool Strong)
1:55 – 2:15 (5 Minute Performance Each)
Sista Queen Alyze Robinson
Brotha Manski Man
Brotha Jay McCraney
Panel Speakers in place and Hostess Gwen Baxter & Host Dale Boatman Williams opens up.
Panel Speakers give Mission Statement, 2016 Agenda, Contact Info (7 Minutes)
1. Ron Carter
2. Fred Hampton Jr.
3. Maureen Moe Forté
4. Revin Fellows
5. Benneth Lee
6. Kenu Bey
7. Shaka Barak
8. Mrs. Baxter Special Guest
FrontRow Guest Speaker Statements, whom they represent, 2016 Agenda & Contact Information (3-4 Minutes)
1. Stacy Webb & Keith Strong
2. Aaron Wright (extra 5 min. letter reading)
3. MrWalter Turner Jr.
4. Arthur Stringer
5. Gerald Emerson Rose
6. Sisterhood Rep.
7. Duffie Clark
8. Floyd Davis
9. Andre Lil-Fella Thomas
10. Steven Aldridge
11. Brotha Bray
12. Sisterhood Rep.
Table Leaders Announce what they display is consisting of. (2 Minute Invite)
Table 1- Benny Lee: Re-Entry
Table 2- Pete: 10-10-50 Economics
Table 3- Maurice Bernard: A.A./N.A.
Table 4- Syron Smith: Block Club Univ.
Table 5- William Calloway: Unity Of Youth
Table 6- Floyd Davis: Voter Registration/Awareness
Table 7- New Order: Human Rights
Add-On (Philip Jackson Youth Training)
Performance By Artist:
Alyze R.
…as the participants move to selected Tables for more info, handouts, & cards.
Hostess Gwen Baxter & Host Dale Williams deliver closing words and pray us out.

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